Our approach to marketing and communications is unique.

Who we are?

Maruša Stamać 3

Maruša Stamać is an experienced media professional with extensive experience as a journalist and investigative reporter working for the largest Croatian TV station.

Combined, her knowledge and media experience makes her public speaking and media training programs unique. Her approach is original with a high level of professionalism

With her strong media and communications skills, she is a perfect media consultant and other related assignments. 

eljko Riha 2

Željko Riha is an experienced marketing and communications professional with experience as a highly-skilled consultant. In his professional career, he was pioneering digital marketing, creating and managing numerous marketing campaigns, managing marketing teams and digital projects. At his last position, he was able to increase marketing qualified leads by 34%.

With his strong experience and knowledge, he is a perfect consultant for marketing, communications and all things digital. 


We teamed up to offer a different approach to marketing and communications. Coming from different fields of work, and bringing different experiences and knowledge, we offer training, education and consultation. 

Working with us, you will get the A level team and a uniquely individual approach. The only thing we ask from you is to consider us as your team members and to share with us your business goals. 

Our team combined has over 20 years of professional experience in (digital) marketing, media and public relations, crisis communication, media training, content marketing, digital projects and so much more. 

Working with us

Nenad Motika

Nenad Motika
Director of business sales at Amis telekom

“For the Amis Telekom, all social media and web presence were perfectly maintained. From customer support on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, to building a longtime relationship with customers and potential customers.”


John Dalton

John Dalton 
Director of London School of Public Relations Worldwide 

“When Zeljko was a head of London School of Public Relations in Croatia, he was a focused professional who has a sound ability to understand what is required and the best strategic approach required.  I have found him to be a reliable individual and one that is empathetic, yet thoroughly analytical in his thinking in problem solving. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a strategic partner and as a professional who gets things done through leadership and focus.” 

Petra Razic

Petra Razic
Area Manager North Adriatic Region HTC Corporation

“I was working with Željko Riha in Hewlett Packard and occasionally but more closely in last 2,5 years I am in HTC. He was helping in the beginning with community management and PR stuff a lot. All work has been done effectively and quickly, in very professional manner. Cooperation with Željko was outstanding and I would certainly recommend him.”

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