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In 2019. two companies, zriha consulting and media consulting join their forces together. Combined they are bringing over 20 years of experience in media, marketing and communications enhanced with the unique set of professional skills.

From 2021. zriha consulting and media consulting companies are part of Riha & Stamac Group Ltd.

Maruša Stamać

Senior Partner & Media Consulting Director

Maruša Stamać is an experienced communication and media professional. In the past 10 years, Maruša worked as a journalist and investigative reporter for the largest Croatian TV network Nova TV. With her strong media and communications skills, she is a perfect consultant for media and public related topics. Her expertise extended to the NGOs where she coordinated the largest independent NGO in Croatia –  Voice of Entrepreneurs Association. In 2021. Marusa Stamac won an Grand PRix 2021. award from Croatian Public Relations Association in the category of PR for institutions and non-governmental organisations for the project #manjiporezi for the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association.

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Željko Riha N1

Zeljko Riha

Managing Director & Partner

Zeljko Riha brings over 10 years of experience in marketing and communications, with extensive experience in creating and executing communications and marketing strategy, managing international teams and marketing departments. His experience extends to the United Kingdom, where he worked in the construction industry and later as a communications/marketing consultant. With his strong communications and marketing skills, he is a perfect choice for a consultant in the fields of marketing, communications and project management. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a former two-term honorary diplomat. 

Data Science & Analytics Consultants Davor Horvatić

Davor Horvatic brings over 20 years of theoretical and applied physics experience, more than a decade of experience in time series analysis, Predictive Analytics, and AI. Utilizing Python, R, and Julia as his tools of choice for AI and data science, he has successfully worked on a broad spectrum of projects in Europe and North America. His primary focus was applying AI in banking and finance, retail, IT, medicine and election campaigns. Davor’s analytical approach and cutting edge AI tools for analyzing complex data enables his clients to make the right data-driven business decisions. He complements his data science skills with a Ph.D. in Theoretical physics, which deepens his understanding of AI models and their interpretability. He is currently an editor of Entropy’s special issue – “Human-Centric AI: The Symbiosis of Human and Artificial Intelligence.”

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Petra Posedel Šimović Petra Posedel Šimović

Petra Posedel Šimović brings over 15 years of experience in theoretical and applied mathematical statistics and over 10 years of experience in modelling stochastic volatility, time series analysis, predictive analytics and data science. Petra’s analytical approach and models help clients understand their models of business and what is most important, helps them make the right decisions. With Davor Horvatić, is co-author of the complex analysis of potential election fraud in the presidential elections of the Republic of Croatia in 2020,  it showed how data science is important for election campaigns

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