We make great campaigns.

Our approach is innovative, unique and tailor made for your business.

Because of us, marketing is an investment, not an expense. 

Why zriha consulting? 

So, you clicked on our ad and now you are here. Yes, we know that it is a challenge to be different to all other marketing agencies. From your point of view, we all look the same and that is our problem. 

Maybe we will make the most innovative marketing campaign for you, or maybe make you a state of the art video ad. But let’s be honest – you don’t care about that at all, you only care about your revenue. And having us as your partner, we care about your revenue too. 

To achieve high revenue goals, we take the most effective marketing tactics, we implement them, and run them in the most efficient ways there are. We make great search engine campaigns, social media campaigns, communication campaigns and we sometimes use unique channels to drive customers into your sales pipeline.


  • Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular mobile platforms. In fact, one in five minutes on mobile is spent on Instagram or Facebook. 

    With Facebook and Instagram ads, we can achieve your business goals, whatever they are, brand awareness, blog post readers or web shop conversions.  

  • Google, is a most popular search engine in the world, but did you know, that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world?

    Yes, that’s right, and with Google advertising, we can reach your potential customers on search ads, banner ads (Google Display Advertising), or we can make great YouTube ads where you can pay really low prices per view  (from our experience even 0.01 GBP per view for UK market). Yes, we know, cheaper than TV and more efficient. 

  • You have a mobile application, it is on Android, or iOS platform, and you need to boost your application installations, or engage current users.

    With our skills in Apple Search Ads and Google AdMob we are running your campaigns focused on the goals and optimising costs. 

  • Email is not dead. And whoever told you that, he is wrong, seriously wrong.  In fact, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI. Even more, 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content.

    Email is still one of the best marketing channels for eCommerce and B2B business. Good email campaigns can assist your sales teams or drive direct sales to your eCommerce site.

    We build, maintain and operate your email campaigns with efficiency and precision. 

  • We have one good reason for native advertising – Immunity to AdBlock. But, joke aside, native advertising is some hipster name for good old sponsored story in media that is in domain of public relations. And did we tell you, public relations is one of our secret skills. 

    All we need from you is to answer our questions (like interview), and we write story for you, optimise it for different channels and help you get published. 

  • Strategy consulting is one of the most prestigious services in our industry. We offer you our experience and knowledge in creating a plan with the aim of realising long term goals. 

    We are becoming a part of your team and helping you develop different policies, do market researches  or in time of crisis, offer you crisis communication services. If Business Model Transformation (BMI) is important to you, we focus on the design and development of future-proof strategies and help you execute them. 


  • Every organisation needs a good public and media relations. Our consultants are here to help you build and maintain this important relationship. We help you build communications strategy and execute it with different communications tactics.

    If you need to write a press release  (brief), organise a press conference (event) or prepare for an interview, we can help you with that, and so much more. Our team is one of few people in PR industry that like to measure things, so it is not “hocus pocus” but real data driven PR. 

  • The best investment in your business that you can do is the investment in your education

    Marketing and communications are specific fields that are constantly changing, trends, tools, tactics and even strategies changes, sometimes in few years, sometimes in few decades. 

    Based on our experience, organising hours and hours of different types of education, we are offering specific education programs for your needs. 

  • Media appearance is not always easy as it looks. That’s why you need a media training that can be very effective in developing the necessary skills to get your message across wide media audience with impact. 

    If you develop that skills and become an effective speaker and spokesperson, the journalists will return to you again and again for expert commentary in your area of expertise. 

    To find out more, please visit our page for Media Training


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What to expect working with us? 

Results. You can read our testimonials – everybody has them. In addition, what we can tell you about our clients is that we like to call them our partners and that on average we increased marketing qualified leads by 35%.

Working with us, budgets are treated as an investment rather than an expense in order to increase sales, sometimes by up to 50% .

With our communications efforts, public relations and media skills, we are helping you build your brand. For B2B companies, we are maintaining industry related media relations and securing industry awards. For B2C companies, we are focused on social responsibility projects (also important for B2B companies) and customer satisfaction. 

Want to become our partner?
Contact us for FREE consultation and let’s make that revenue grow.  

Media and Public Speaking Training

Having a good media (public) skills is very important for your business success. To have great media skills, you need to train them, and train them a lot. The result is – your media appearances are flawless.  Sometimes it may seem easy to make a press statement, but a good statement requires good preparation. 

Our media training teaches you:

  • How to speak in the way people notice you 
  • Define your key messages 
  • Prepare you for responses to difficult questions
  • Teaches you how to control the interview 
  • Body language
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking  

And most importantly helps you not to get misquoted in the media. 

After completion of our training programs you gain important skills for your successful media appearances and public speakings

Andrea Bocelli i Maruša Stamać
Maruša Stamać - experienced TV presenter, reporter, journalist and media trainer
Maruša Stamać – experienced TV presenter, reporter, journalist and media trainer

zriha consulting

Working with us, remember this, you are not our clients, you are our partners, and you get from us an unique individual approach.

Only thing we ask from you is to consider us as your team members with one focus – to achieve your business goals. 

We know we are not large marketing agency, and we like it that way, for us you are not just another client who need account manager, you are our partner and you get us. 

zriha consulting team combined has over 20 years of professional experience in marketing, media, public relations, crisis communication and content marketing

Maruša Stamać is an experienced media professional with an extensive experience as journalist and investigative reporter working for the largest Croatian TV station. With her strong media and communications skills she is a perfect consultant for media related assignments. 

Željko Riha is an experienced marketing and communications professional with an experience as (digital) marketing and communications consultant, head of marketing and communications and project manager working for some distinguished companies. With his strong communications and marketing skills, he is a perfect consultant for marketing, communications and digital projects

Petra Razic

Petra Razic 
Area Manager North Adriatic Region HTC Corporation

“I was working with Željko Riha in Hewlett Packard and occasionally but more closely in last 2,5 years I am in HTC. He was helping in the beginning with community management and PR stuff a lot. All work has been done effectively and quickly, in very professional manner. Cooperation with Željko was outstanding and I would certainly recommend him.”

John Dalton

John Dalton 
Director of London School of Public Relations Worldwide 

“When Zeljko was a head of London School of Public Relations in Croatia, he was a focused professional who has a sound ability to understand what is required and the best strategic approach required.  I have found him to be a reliable individual and one that is empathetic, yet thoroughly analytical in his thinking in problem solving. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a strategic partner and as a professional who gets things done through leadership and focus.” 

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