Overcome the fear of public speaking!

After our training, everybody will be talking about your public appearance.

Presentation, keynote speeches or media appearances – you will master everything. 

Public Speaking Training Topics

How to overcome nervousness

Body language

How to prepare yourself 

How to make a good speech and presentation

How to define key messages

How to make a good impression

Media training topics

How to say more with less

Nonverbal communication

Have an interview under control

Answer on difficult questions

How to define key messages 

How to behave in front of the camera

Maruša Stamać Provjereno Nova TV
Marusa Stamac - TV presenter, reporter and media trainer.
Marusa Stamac – TV presenter, reporter and media trainer.

Public Speaking Training

“If you can’t communicate and talk to people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.” –  Warren Buffett

We all can agree that nobody likes public speaking.  But we need to do it, from a young age to a professional career, public speaking is part of our lives

Sometimes you have to deliver a presentation at a conference, or you are presenting your result to your bosses, or you are having a sales pitch, every public speaking event is exposing us and making us uncomfortable. We constantly worry about how we will be presented, what kind of impression we will leave on our audience, will they listen to us or remember our key messages. Will they see that we are nervous

Like any other thing, public speaking is something you must train, and you must train a lot. Even professionals, whose job is public speaking, are training them constantly. 

With our professional training and workshops, advice’s and knowledge based on impressive media experience, you are mastering public speaking. 

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Media Training

As public relations professionals, our free advice is to never miss an opportunity to have a media appearance. Media appearance will position you as a professional in your industry. It will help your company brand and business to have a better reputation.

Media training is a special type of public speaking training where you are learning how to have an amazing media appearance. During your media appearance, let’s say, a TV reporter is getting your statement that will be included in his reportage, you have a very limited time to give all the details and key messages. It is important to adjust your messages to the specific needs of the media, it is different to have messages for radio or television. 

The media appearance is never easy. You may think, watching people on TV, that it looks easy, but it’s not. Having a good media appearance means that you will be often asked by a journalist to give specific and expert comments on topics in which you are professional. 

You will have an opportunity to train in front of a camera with an experienced TV journalist after which you will gain important skills for your successful media appearances.

Meet the trainer 

Maruša Stamać is an experienced journalist and TV reporter with many years of experience working for the largest Croatian TV Network. Maruša worked as a producer, investigative reporter, TV presenter and journalist

In her professional career, she made over 1000 hours of TV reportages and editorials. Countless hours on the road, doing interviews and making stories. 

She is an experienced media professional which makes her public speaking and media training programs unique. Her approach is original with a high level of professionalism

By profession, Maruša has a Master’s degree focused on Art History, Criticism and Conservation from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

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